Hoenikker, Pilgrim and Campbell

Now that I’m done with school I’m looking forward to being able to read for fun again. I enjoyed a lot of what I had to read for classes, but I wouldn’t want to find a relaxing place to sit and read a novel-length version of articles like “Technology Policy for a World of Skew-Distributed Outcomes.”

I just finished reading three Kurt Vonnegut books — Cat’s Cradle, Slaughterhouse-Five and Mother Night (those are the last names of the three main characters in the title of this post (it also sounds like the name of a reputable law firm)). I had read several of his books in college, but wanted to go back and read them again after he died a few weeks ago.

Reading these in a row really brought out how many of the same characters, ideas, places and story lines show up in his different books. Just to pick one example, in two of the books there were detached fathers who had wives that were injured in car accidents and then their daughters took over caring for them. I’m not trying to make a particular point about this, but it was something I noticed and found interesting.

And next for something completely different — Ruling the Later Roman Empire.

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