The Caperberry Is Ineffective

I didn’t take the book about Rome I had been reading with me on vacation, so I picked something new up at a local bookstore. Now I’m reading Philip K. Dick’s The Man in the High Castle. I haven’t finished it yet, but I did risk finding out the ending by going to the wikipedia page about the book. There is a book within the book called The Grasshopper Lies Heavy and there is also a mention that this title is a reference from the Bible, although it doesn’t quote the text it comes from. The wikipedia page doesn’t have the quote either, but google pointed me to the Online Parallel Bible. Oddly enough though, the word ‘heavy’ doesn’t show up in any of the translations of the passage, but instead the grasshopper is either a burden or the grasshopper is dragging himself along. In addition to the grasshopper, there’s also mention of a caperberry bush (and that line seemed as good as any for a title for this post).

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