Mozdev Hires A Full-Time Web Developer

The Mozdev Community Organization has just hired a full-time web developer named Doug Warner. Doug will be responsible for working with both the community members and the Board of Directors to improve and expand the services and features that are offered on

This is a big transition for mozdev, since things have been run almost entirely by volunteers since the site was launched in 2000. We have been contracting with sysadmins on a part-time basis for the last couple of years, but their work has been limited to a few hours a week and has been focused on keeping the servers running instead of improving the way the site works.

With someone dedicated to working on the site on a full-time basis, I think we’ll be able to catch up on old feature requests and bug fixes (for instance, this one that’s been waiting since 2002) and also make some progress on doing some innovative things with the site so it can be a more useful resource for the Mozilla application and extension development community.

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