Status Update

Over the last three weeks I’ve been getting up to speed on a number of things at the Mozilla Foundation and I wanted to share what I’ve been doing. There has been a lot to learn and a lot to think about, so I’m interested in talking more about things on my blog and in person at OSCON in a couple of weeks.

Week of June 22

  • In Mountain View from June 18 through June 20 and back in Brooklyn now
  • At the main office got set up with accounts and had several meetings
  • Discussed with Frank and Mitchell initial tasks to get started on

Week of June 29

  • Wrote up donor relationship tool notes
  • Started work on tracking donations to the Foundation
  • Worked on suggestions for changes to
  • Started compiling list of obsolete pages on
  • Finalized OSCON plans

Week of July 6

  • Gathered and reviewed more historical donation data
  • Researched how donations have been handled in Mozilla Store
  • Fixed Perl problem and made successful test update to Mozilla Foundation site
  • Finished first pass at obsolete pages list
  • Made plans to attend the Internet as a Public Good Symposium

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