Never Schedule a Meeting for Friday the 13th

In retrospect, trying to have a mozdev board meeting today might not have been such a great idea. Today was the only Friday in July that worked for everyone, so we scheduled our meeting and made a couple of jokes about being brave enough to get together on such an unlucky day.

Well, we had to switch dial-in numbers at the last minute and the first two emails I sent with the new information were lost in the void for an hour and a half. We did end up meeting about twenty minutes late though and things went relatively smoothly after that (although a commercial did come on the line at one point). I accept full responsibility for any confusion, since I should have known better than to schedule this for Friday the 13th in the first place 😛

As long as we’re on this topic, I want to tell everyone that the mozdev home page is wearing its Friday the 13th theme created by the talented cdn. Check it out today or it will be the Bastille Day theme before you know it.

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