Status Update 2007-08-10

There’s not much of an update for my Mozilla Foundation work last week since I’m in the middle of several things that aren’t done yet. It was an active week for mozdev though, so I’ll give a status update on what has been going on there recently.

  • We have been making progress on overhauling the way we track project activity and also on implementing a Drupal-based blog/wiki/forum system for projects. We should have more news about both of these soon.
  • We have identified a need to update our Terms of Use to include a formal Project Adoption process and also to clarify an issue related to licensing requirements for project documentation. The board will be meeting soon to discuss these issues.
  • We have started making plans for our 7th birthday in September. We’re not quite sure what we’ll do to celebrate, but at least this year I’m aware ahead of time that the birthday is coming up 🙂

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