Branding Mozilla

The recent creation of a “Powered by Mozilla” logo is a good thing and I’m glad to see a discussion about this taking place. This logo addresses the fact that a variety of different projects are being created in the Mozilla community and this should give people and organizations a way to talk about what they have in common.

Some suggestions have been made about leveraging the Firefox brand instead of or in addition to the Mozilla brand, but I think that would be confusing and unnecessary. Mozilla has been one of the most visible open source projects for close to a decade and there is certainly value in that that we don’t want to walk away from.

I do think there are two things though that should be addressed with the Mozilla brand to make sure that this logo has value to the community:

It is certainly possible to address these issues by providing information about what Mozilla means today and then making an effort to get the word out about why it is important. If we do that and if the various projects start talking about what they are doing using this common language, then I think it will meet John Slater’s goals of establishing the Mozilla community as a place working on the cutting edge of a lot of cool new technology.

3 thoughts on “Branding Mozilla

  1. Great thoughts, thanks David. You’re totally right that there’s a lot of value in the Mozilla brand that we don’t want to walk away from. Regarding the two things that you’d like to be addressed, what’s your take on how those should be approached? I wasn’t clear on that.

    Looking forward to working with you more on this –

  2. My thought on dealing with those two items would be to update the content on If someone tried to go there today to figure out what Mozilla is, they’d have a hard time coming up with a clear answer. I also think the site should be updated to include information and links about projects throughout the community (such as Songbird and Joost) and not just the traditional Mozilla products (Camino, SeaMonkey…).

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