Bender’s Bookshelf

I finished reading World War Z a few weeks ago, but haven’t had time to write anything about it (with a week and a half trip to Texas and a few days in New Jersey for Thanksgiving it’s been a busy November). And now I’ve just finished The World Without Us, so I might as well write about both of these books at the same time.

These books do share a theme, so it makes sense to write about them together. One is a fictional account of a global pandemic that nearly wipes out humanity (or to be more precise the pandemic almost eats humanity since the disease turns people into zombies). The other is a non-fiction account of what would happen on Earth if humanity were wiped out (for example, almost everything (except nuclear waste) humans have ever created won’t last that long).

Besides the obvious theme of humanity being wiped out, I think the thing that these books have in common is that they would both probably be found on Bender‘s bookshelf. For those who haven’t watched all of the episodes of Futurama before, Bender is the robot who dreams of killing all humans one day. He’s funny though, so he’s OK.

Next up: A Demon of Our Own Design.

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