Adding Some What and Why to the Mozilla Foundation Site

Mitchell’s recent posts about aspirations for Mozilla in 2008 have some really useful information about why the community is doing certain things. I thought it would be a good idea to move some of this content from her blog to the site where the information will be available to a wider audience.

Moving some of these aspirations will also help round out the content that is available about the Mozilla Foundation. The current main page for the Foundation provides a lot of details, but it feels much more like an About page than a home page (in fact, the page is called ‘About the Foundation’).

Below is a mockup that shows what a different home page for the Foundation might look like. The content deals with what the Foundation is doing and why we feel this is important. The details about how the Foundation is structured will still be available, but would be on an About page.

If anyone has any thoughts, comments or suggestions about this, please feel free to let me know.

Mockup of Foundation home page

4 thoughts on “Adding Some What and Why to the Mozilla Foundation Site

  1. At a quick glance, it looks good.

    There is one important thing to change.

    The phrase “We are building an Internet…” seems likely to be misinterpreted.

    I’d suggest something that states that we are working with others to do this and that we are trying to do it with the current net. 🙂


  2. I like the mockup.
    I’m sure that you’ll tweak your text content but I would suggest using the word join rather than help as in,
    “If you share our vision, join us.”
    One of the most important things to me about Mozilla is that it is an us. There is inclusion into the Mozilla communities that welcomes all and I think that it’s important to get that vibe off right away to visitors to the page.

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