Eating Acorns

On our recent trip to Texas we stayed in a house with a big pecan tree in the backyard and there were hundreds of pecans on the ground. We cracked a few open to eat them and even half-seriously thought about making pecan pie.

After we left Austin we went to San Antonio and stayed at my dad’s where there were hundreds of acorns all over his yard. I was curious why people ate pecans but not acorns, so I opened one up and gave it a try. It tasted like a nut, but it had a bitter aftertaste.

I did some research later (maybe I should have done the research first…) and acorns are edible and they were often used in American Indian cooking. There are also all sorts of instructions online for how to remove the bitter taste and then what to do with the nuts after that. I didn’t have time to try making acorn pancakes, but maybe next time.

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