Is Kafkaish A Word?

I’d like to thank Bart Decrem for helping me with a seemingly simple thing. He set up an account on a site for the Mozilla Foundation in 2003 and I recently asked him to help transfer that account over to me. Bart had both the account number and password, but that wasn’t enough.

When he tried to log in, he was told that he couldn’t because he was accessing the site with a different IP address. When he tried calling customer support, he was told that they would only talk to him if they could call him back using the phone number in his account. Unfortunately, phone numbers and IP addresses have this habit of changing over time.

In the end, he had to dig up bills from four years ago and write a letter and go to a notary to prove that who he is today is who he was in 2003. This Kafkaish (or Kafkaesque, I suppose) encounter took up many hours of Bart’s time and I appreciate his help.

4 thoughts on “Is Kafkaish A Word?

  1. Well, sorry you had a tough time with e-gold customer service, they can be a bit show sometime but I use e-gold just about everyday and in 6 years I’ve never had any problems. It is a very good system and the IP logging thing is used by just about all major online payment systems. Ever tried to log into PayPal using a proxy? Better break out your notarized ID, bank statement and electric bill for them too. Its sad but that’s the world we are in now, better safe than sorry I suppose.

    Not sure about kafkaish but I’ve used “Dangerfieldian” before. Happy new year.


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