Updating the Mozilla Timeline

The Timeline on http://www.mozilla.org is a little out of date, so I thought it would be a good idea to update the page in time for Mozilla’s 10th anniversary.

I’ve put together a mockup of a new version that includes milestones since 2005, fills in some gaps in the early history of Mozilla and adds an introduction paragraph. I also took out a couple milestones since the list was getting a little long and tried to cut out some duplicate text.

Timeline page

If anyone has suggestions for other milestones to add or comments about any of these proposed changes, please post to bug 410484 or leave comments here.

2 thoughts on “Updating the Mozilla Timeline

  1. I’d add Firefox 1.5, which was a larger release than Firefox 2.

    I’d also add the founding of the mozilla/browser project (which later became Firefox) — that was a critical step in bringing Gecko to the masses.

    It might make sense to list the launch of Netscape 6 and maybe Netscape 7, because at the time, those were the major users of Gecko.

    It seems odd to list March 31, 2008 as the date for “Mozilla project celebrates its 10th anniversary” given that March 31, 1998 was the date the bulk of the Netscape source was released, not the date the mozilla.org project was launched. I don’t think anniversaries should be on the timeline at all, actually.

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