Going to California

I wanted to mention that I’ll be away from the computer most of next week while my family and I finish packing up for our move out to California. Things will be hectic for a little while, but I’ll be checking my mail and responding when I can.

There are a number of reasons to move, including being able to work in the main office in Mountain View, getting more space than our current Brooklyn apartment and missing the rest of another winter in the Northeast. I’m also interested in exploring that part of the country. I’ve been living on the East Coast of the US for ten years and had been living on the Third Coast* before that so I figured it was time to give the West Coast a try.

For everyone out in the Bay Area, I’m looking forward to seeing you soon.

* I had no idea there were two Third Coasts before googling for this link today (to avoid any confusion I’m from the Gulf Coast area and not the Great Lakes area).

7 thoughts on “Going to California

  1. Best of luck on the move.

    On a somewhat random note: Cheers for indirectly referencing Gramstand some time ago…it looked interesting enough that I decided to pay it a visit, and found it to be a grand place to savor some tea whilst coding or reading.

  2. Wow–good for you for making such a move! I hope you and your family have been adusting well. I’ve been living in california my whole life and wouldn’t leave if you paid me. I periodically post about interesting things going on in California or just facts in general about California geography, National Parks, etc. Check it out: http://thevacationer.wordpress.com/author/kevins2/.

    Also, I’ve read The Intuitionist and had a hell of a time with it. I appreciate your comments!

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