Status Update 2008-01-11

Last week I wrapped up some changes to the site by posting updates to the Timeline and Projects pages. I also added a new Mozilla-Based Applications page.

The goal for the changes to the Projects section was to make it easier for people to find projects from all parts of the Mozilla community. The updated page groups projects into different categories instead of putting everything into one big list and includes just a featured set of active projects (this set of featured projects will be rotated and there are also links to other lists so people can still find information about all available projects).

If you have any comments about these changes or about which projects could be featured on the Projects page in the future, feel free to let me know.

2 thoughts on “Status Update 2008-01-11

  1. I appreciate the changes, I’ve frequently got lost between and wiki projects/products/roadmap.

    What links to “Projects”? I would expect the main /products/ page to link to it, especially as the latter has a “Featured Projects” section.

    On Projects, I would expect to see ALL projects here, not just “Featured”. Some sections have a “See more…” link, others don’t. You use “Featured” so much it loses impact. If you want to “feature” some projects (how often will they change or rotate?) then put them in a blue box at the top as on the products page.

    The Firefox link on Projects takes you to the /firefox/ page. That makes it hard to learn more about the project, e.g. the status of FF3 beta. I think it should link to /projects/firefox/, but have a “If you’re looking for the best browser and Mozilla’s flagship product, click here” link for people just wanting Firefox.

    At some point someone has to clean up /projects/list.html, it still claims “Here are all of the ongoing projects” but Firefox and Thunderbird are way down the list. Hmmm, maybe change title to “all software projects”, make it alphabetical, ??. (What about web site projects like sumo? Remora? Where do they fit in?)

    The Mozilla-Based Applications page should have a see also for the the add-ons to Mozilla projects that add new features, some approaching full-blown apps in their own right. Maybe a sentence that contrasts add-ons with applications, with a link.

    Good luck, organization is hard!

  2. Thanks for the feedback. I agree that there are certainly areas that could be improved further to make finding projects even easier but hopefully these changes are a good step in the right direction.

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