Update on the Mozilla Foundation’s Directed Giving Program

In November the Mozilla Foundation announced that donors now had the option to direct their contributions to a set of Mozilla projects — Bugzilla, Camino, SeaMonkey and Mozilla Accessibility. Since then more than $16,000 has been raised for these projects (about $5,000 is from donations and the rest is matching funds from the Foundation).

The Foundation will use this money to make grants to each of the projects based on proposals they submit. So far no grants have been made, but we have started talking with the projects about different ideas. We’re excited to be able to help each of these community efforts and will be posting more information soon about what is being done with these contributions.

To support one of these projects, please:

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far. Your generosity helps us continue to support the Mozilla community.

6 thoughts on “Update on the Mozilla Foundation’s Directed Giving Program

  1. Noticed at FOSDEM today: There’s no way to support Calendar/Sunbird/Lightning through this program. Might be worth looking into extending it to cover them, too, as there’s definite interest from people to contribute to them.

  2. Just to clarify, Calendar was not initially included in the directed giving program but this project, or others, could be added in the future. Frank’s comment mentions that the decision for Calendar will depend on Mozilla Messaging’s plans for supporting Sunbird and Lightning which, AFAIK, has not been decided yet.

  3. David, just to clarify this issue even more:
    MoFo chose not to include the Calendar Project even though it was pretty clear that we were and are not receiving *any* money or support from Mozilla Messaging and it’s still unclear, whether we ever will receive money or support from them.

    MoFo also chose not to talk with us about this before they announced the program. Talking with us beforehand would probably have eliminated any unclarities on MoFo’s end, if such unclarities did exist.

    And as far as I hear at least one member of MoFo was quite surprised, when he heard on this year’s FOSDEM conference, that we’re not part of this program.

  4. The initial set of projects included in the directed giving program were certainly not meant to be the only projects that would be included. We’re open to suggestions for other projects and are happy to reconsider adding the Calendar project.

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