Take A Look At Walltype!

My friend has been working on a site called Walltype! that allows people to post custom art work and then anyone can buy one of those designs to hang on their wall (think Threadless for art instead of shirts).

He showed me a prototype print that he made a few months ago and it turned out really well. From the FAQ: “Art is printed on fancy semi-gloss fine art paper using a very large and heavy printer. The print is then sealed on a mounting board and is ready to hang and easy to frame.”

Things are still in beta, so everything isn’t in place yet but you can view submissions, comment on designs or submit your own. It looks like the shop part of the site isn’t ready yet but will be open soon. This gives me a little time to figure out if I want to get Maples in Kyoto, flowers allover or Flower.

Random background information: I helped him think of names for this site back when he was planning things about a year ago. We really liked the name Walleye, but unfortunately it was already taken by a fishing site. He offered to buy the domain name, but the person who owns it said he had already turned down offers of [outrageous value] and thought the price was closer to [even more outrageous value]. That seemed a tad high to me, but who am I to say? Anyway, it’s a shame he couldn’t have the name since the mascot potential for an art site called walleye.com would have been great (cute little fish holding a palette and paintbrush and wearing a beret maybe?). It could have been the pets.com of the latter part of the first decade of the 21st century.

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