More Than 100 Applications Built Using Mozilla

A few months ago I posted that the Map of the Mozpad Universe page had over 50 Mozilla-based applications on it. More have been added since then and there are now 100 applications listed. I think there is good reason to believe that there are still more to add since this list almost exclusively contains publicly available applications and doesn’t include any intranet applications (with the exception of the listing of Le Monde’s internal CMS).

If you know of any active application development projects that are missing, please feel free to update the wiki or add a comment on this post. I’m excited to see this list continue to grow since there’s no other place that I know of to get an idea of the many different ways that Mozilla technology is being used. Getting a good sense of the scope of these applications also seems like a good step toward achieving some of the goals of the Mozpad community. Even though the Mozpad effort seems to have stalled, the plans this group put together still seem worthwhile.

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