Forty Oh

I’m getting the hang of driving our new hybrid on the highway. After filling up recently, I drove mostly on the highway for the next couple of days and was able to bring the tank average to over 40 mpg. I took this picture in our driveway and was lucky enough to get this before the number dropped back into the 30s (we’re on a hill and the average mileage started dropping quickly as I was driving the last couple of blocks home).


I don’t have the hang of driving around the city yet and am getting numbers in the high 20s. I’m starting to do research, but I’m already running across some conflicting information. One person suggests that it’s best to accelerate quickly and then coast and then another set of tips tells you to accelerate slowly (look at page 7 in this PDF file). I’ll keep looking for other information, but feel free to let me know if there’s a good resource out there for this.

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