Updating the Community pages on mozilla.org

As part of the ongoing effort to update the http://www.mozilla.org site, I’ve been spending a few days thinking about the Community pages. Right now this content is out of date and isn’t linked to very prominently, but I think updating these pages and making them more visible is a great opportunity (community is sort of an important part of the whole Mozilla thing after all).

I have a proposal for this section that I wanted to blog about to get people’s feedback. The details are in bug 426600 but the basic idea is to make these pages a portal to relevant resources throughout the community. I think we should have lists of a variety of different links including:

  • Blogs and News
  • International Pages
  • Official Developer Forums
  • Other Community Forums
  • Websites
  • Wikis

Below is a screenshot of a mockup for a Community Blogs and News page. Mockups for all of the pages mentioned above are in the bug. Take a look and let me know what you think.

3 thoughts on “Updating the Community pages on mozilla.org

  1. Some quick comments from looking at the bug:

    Anyone new to Mozilla is likely to suffer from link-overload. I would condense all these different pages (blogs, forums, wikis) into one main page where you list just the main sites (MoCo, MoFo, MoMo, wiki.m.o, developer.m.o., quality.m.o., Firefox Support, Labs, mozillazine, planet mozilla, mozdev, and SFX). Either that or put the main sites in bold so they stand out, or put all the less commonly used links into some other page. Anyone who wants to know *every* mozilla-related site online can simply search google.

    It would be good to mention the newsgroups and IRC, since those are big parts of the mozilla community.

    On the new About index page (which is great, BTW), under “A Technology”, it links to http://www.mozilla.org/projects/mozilla-based.html. I think it would be better to link to the entire list of Mozilla projects at http://www.mozilla.org/projects/, which in turn links to the former page.

    The About/Roles page sounds like it might be better suited under the Community section.

  2. James, thanks for the feedback. Some comments.

    One of the new goals of the http://www.mozilla.org site is to be a portal to the rest of the community, so I think it does make sense to provide links to a wide variety of different resources. Having everything in one list would seem confusing, that’s why I broke things up into separate pages. That means that there’s not one list of the main sites, but I did put what I felt to be the most important links in each category on the top of those pages.

    The IRC link was at the bottom of the Development Forums page, so I can make that more prominent by adding a Chat page in the community section (we can also link to Live Chat from there). The newsgroups are being linked to, but it might not be clear since the page is called Mozilla Development Forums (I didn’t name the page, but I think the reasoning is that the newsgroups can be accessed many different ways, so they’re not just newsgroups). I updated the draft text on the Community index page to explicitly reference newsgroups.

    Thanks also for your feedback on the About page. I’ll look at the link for the Technology section the next time I update that page.

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