Mozdev Roadmap Updated

The roadmap for was updated earlier this week. The motivation behind these changes was to refocus our efforts on functionality that will benefit Mozilla developers and to address the concerns we’ve been hearing about the usability of the site. More details about our thought process can be seen on the recent post about the proposed changes.

I wanted to point out some of the bigger changes that were made. We’ve been planning on adding at least one new version control option for a while and we had initially considered going with Subversion support first. In the roadmap, one of our new top priorities is to add Mercurial support (Subversion support is still planned, but it will come later). Since our mission is to support Mozilla developers, and not open source developers in general, we feel that it is important to stay in sync with Mozilla’s development tools and provide other tools that are specific to the Mozilla community.

A number of tasks that should help with the usability of the site have also been added, including making edits to a project’s web pages easier, making the creation of new projects a quicker process and redesigning the look of the site. We feel that there are many reasons why a developer working on Mozilla extensions or applications would choose over a general purpose hosting site, but there is no denying that the current design and layout of our site is a far cry from the usability of Google Code.

If there are any comments or suggestions about these changes, feel free to let us know.

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