Moving Forward With “Powered by Mozilla”

I was happy to see some updates on what is happening with the “Powered by Mozilla” logo. As Doug Turner mentions there are certainly still many unanswered questions about how this program would be administered. Sorting that out is important and will get resolved through open discussions, but I wanted to step back from those details and offer some comments about why this program is important.

The fact is that there are now over a hundred organizations and individuals that are using Mozilla technology to build their products and applications. For the most part, these developers seem to be focused on their projects and aren’t coordinating with each other or with the Mozilla community (with some exceptions like the recent mozpad effort). Increased coordination is in everyone’s interest though. It can benefit these organizations to learn how other people are solving problems related to building a Mozilla-based application and it can benefit Mozilla to gather up the various improvements being made by these different development efforts to strengthen our core code.

Instead of just having a “Powered by Mozilla” program that creates processes and builds community around people who would apply guidelines to applicants’ registrations and monitor for compliance, I’d also like to see effort put in to building a community around those that would be applying for and using the logo. This would mean, among other things, that we wouldn’t just have a way for someone to submit a request to use the logo, but that we would go out and talk to organizations that are creating products with Mozilla code and explain why using the logo and becoming more involved with the Mozilla community is in their (and our) best interest. I think this is the real opportunity that we need to keep in mind.

6 thoughts on “Moving Forward With “Powered by Mozilla”

  1. I think the first step is getting a good idea of all of the applications currently being developed using Mozilla technology. We’ve got a good start on that on the Map of the Mozpad Universe page. The next step after that is to get in touch with each of those groups if they aren’t already taking part in the community (such as Songbird and Open Komodo). To prepare for talking to people at each organization, we need to develop information about what the Powered by Mozilla logo is, why participating in the community and using the logo is a good thing, and how an organization can do these things. I think the last step is to create a forum (or newsgroup, or wiki, or whatever) specifically for these application developers where they can coordinate. This will generate a lot more value than just having a bunch of logos show up on sites in different places.

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