The Elevator World

I just finished rereading Colson Whitehead’s book The Intuitionist. I don’t often read books twice since I have a big stack of new books waiting, but I wanted to try this one again since I remember thinking I had missed something the first time (so the story is all about elevator inspectors and some of them do their job by feeling how the elevators are operating and something is certainly being referenced here, right?).

Even if I didn’t pick up on anything new, rereading books is interesting because I have this habit of sticking bits of paper in between pages whenever I have a reaction to something. It’s not clear though what bits I’m reacting to since I decided a long time ago not to highlight or underline anything — just stick a piece of paper in between the pages to let me know I thought something was interesting. This time through I left a couple pieces of paper in spots, but I also came across some paper I left several years before (a part of a boarding pass from a flight from Newark to Heathrow).

When I got to the place I marked before I couldn’t tell why I put it there and didn’t see anything particularly worth flagging. It’s not frustrating that I can’t figure it out — I just think it’s interesting that what grabbed me before didn’t this time (and vice versa for the other two pieces of paper I left the second time through). I could have marked that spot better or could have written some lines in a journal somewhere, but I wouldn’t know what to do with that information anyway and leaving bits of paper is easier.

Up next, locavore manifesto Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.

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