Developer Sites for Top 50 AMO Add-ons

Many people who host the development of their extension on mozdev also distribute their work on and not surprisingly we’ve received a number of requests to make managing projects in both locations easier for developers.

From these requests and from other discussions with project owners, we’ve known that more integration would help some developers but we haven’t had any specific information about how many people would benefit. Well, today I had the idea that I should just go and look at how many add-ons on AMO have mozdev listed as their developer home page. The results for the 50 most popular add-ons are below:

I think there are a few interesting things to see here. First is that most people are hosting their own developer site, but of the project hosting sites mozdev is by far the most used (I have no idea if this ratio holds across all of AMO and would be interested in doing a more complete survey). There are also a number of projects that had hosted their project on mozdev at one time and are now hosting their own sites (although some of these are still using some of mozdev’s developer tools). I think this number is encouraging since it’s natural for projects to want their own site once they’ve reached a certain size and this fits in with our ideas of having mozdev serve as a community incubator.

To answer the original question though, it looks like we could make things easier for a significant fraction of the developer’s on AMO by making it easier to manage projects in both places. There are a lot of potential things that could be done (have download files sync across sites so you just need to update once, share account information so people don’t need to remember multiple passwords to deal with one extension…). If anyone has ideas for what would be helpful here, please let us know.

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