Working Together to Grow the Extension Developer Community

At we are currently hosting extensions, themes and other add-ons for over 15 different Mozilla-based applications. We are interested in working together with the organizations making these applications to help us with our mission of establishing Mozilla as a viable development platform, helping proliferate Mozilla technologies and increasing the user base of Mozilla-based applications.

We would like to give organizations that are using Mozilla technologies an opportunity to sponsor extensions for their applications that are hosted on mozdev and to find ways to work together to grow their extension developer communities. A few ideas we’ve had about possible ways to integrate the mozdev community with an application’s add-on developer community include:

  • Promoting an application’s extensions on the home page
  • Creating a branded and customized extensions portal (see the just launched Songbird portal for an example of what’s possible)
  • Subscribing team members to a sponsors group where they can talk to other people working on Mozilla-based applications

Every organization will have their own unique needs, so we are open to any other ideas about how we can help grow the extension developer community around a particular Mozilla-based application. If sponsoring extensions on mozdev is something you’d like to talk more about, please feel free to post here or contact us.

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