Creating a Mozilla Brochure

The Mozilla Foundation has been working on creating a brochure that provides information about Mozilla that can be handed out at events or given to other people who are interested in learning more about the community. We now have a draft (PDF warning) that is complete enough for review, so I wanted to post it here to get people’s thoughts about it.

It’s been an interesting challenge to condense the many different aspects of Mozilla and its ten year history onto the front and back of a single sheet of paper. Doing this has involved selecting the information we feel is most useful and interesting to people who are just starting to learn about Mozilla and organizing it in a coherent way. Because of the limited space, I’m particularly interested in hearing if we left anything important out or summarized something too much.

Mozilla brochure draft

There’s one note about the design that I want to point out. The front page uses some images of community members from Flickr. There’s some white space right in the middle of the page that will be filled as soon as we finish getting permission to use one more photo.

13 thoughts on “Creating a Mozilla Brochure

  1. Nice work on this David – you, Elise and Rhonda did a great job synthesizing a very complex subject. The essence of Mozilla is a tricky thing to communicate to ‘outsiders’, for sure.

    One thought: as you’re finalizing the community photos on there, I would encourage you guys to make the group as international as possible. Anything that shows the global scope of the Mozilla project is a good thing.

  2. Well, I guess I already knew that not being included in the community giving program would hurt us (Calendar Project). I just didn’t expect it to hurt us so much, given the obvious publicity that this flyer will bring :-((

  3. Hi,
    This is very helpful. What would be more helpful to have the source available in a format that can be editable, Ooo for instance. This could be of great help for local communities.
    In addition, if we could get something like: most common questions/answers “guide” about Mozilla, Firefox, technologiess, etc. that would be great.
    Of course, we know why Mozilla technologies and why Firefox is great, but having some kind of “red wire” (sorry, literal French translation), some guidance would be even more helpful. A rationale, not improvised to provide for the events local communities set up.
    Please, if such materials come up to life, post it in m.d.l10n mailing list.

  4. I think the timeline would work better at the end of the brochure than at the beginning.

    The Bugzilla, Camino, and SeaMonkey logos would look better if the images were higher-resolution.

    Camino has a registered-trademark symbol in one spot and a plain trademark symbol in another.

    I think it’s misleading to say “The community is governed by a virtual management team”. The community is too spread out to manage; what’s managed is the Firefox product.

    It might be neat to highlight the contributions of the people pictured in the brochure.

  5. David, great effort here! Thank you very much.

    I’d like to second John Slater’s comment.

    Also on the part where we are showcasing the Firefox and Thunderbird logos, the logo color of Firefox and the background orange blend together. If there is a way for the designer to put in a gradation to better highlight the logo from the background orange, that would make for better legibility.

  6. Jesse: The brochure is intended to be printed double-sided and then folded into 1/4 the current width. The timeline will not be at the front; the front will be the part that has “Internet by the People”.

    John/Gen: We have photos of international contributors from Europe, but they haven’t signed their release forms yet.

  7. I think the l10n community contributions (for example, more than 50 languages for Firefox) would be a welcome addition to the list of specific community contributions. I know it’s technically code and/or documentation, but it would again emphasize the global scope of the project.

  8. Nice work, I’d love to have this brochure available when maybe participating more actively in an Open Source event around here in the future!

    Just two notes: on the second page, you correctly distinguished ® and ™ in the left text column, but made all three products ™ in the right “Mozilla Foundation” column/subpage. And the logos there could be a bit better quality as well – contact me if you don’t have the SeaMonkey one in hi-res.

  9. I noticed a couple of comments about fuzzy images in the brochure — I should have mentioned this in the post, but this draft is not optimized for print yet and we’ll include higher-resolution images in the final version.

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