The Nostalgia Machine (or That’s A Lot of Tom Petty)

I was driving around yesterday* and heard Tom Petty on the radio three different times. When we moved and got our car, I thought that one of the nice things about it was that I’d have a chance to listen to the radio and hear some new music**. That hasn’t really turned out to be the case — instead I’m hearing lots of Tom Petty, Led Zeppelin, Coldplay and other bands I already know about.

I’m also not intentionally listening to oldies stations. For instance, KFOG does play some new music, but they are definitely into playing popular stuff from the past (I just went to the site and oddly enough there was a picture of Tom Petty for a promo for the Outside Lands Festival and there was also a note at the top of the page saying ‘Now Playing: Brown Sugar Rolling Stones’). Doing some more research on local college stations would help, but I think I need to accept that the radio should just be treated as a nostalgia machine.

Every new band that I have come across over the last few years has come from either the Internet or friends. I’ve been on the weekly Fingertips mailing list for a while, but there are plenty of other free and legal sites where you can find stuff. For instance, yesterday I came across Vampire Weekend’s Oxford Comma and am enjoying that.

The fact that the Internet is full of interesting stuff isn’t really news to anyone, but I thought I’d share…

* I was driving around a little more than usual, but it wasn’t like I was in the car all day (according to Google I drove around 40 miles, although for about 15 of those miles we were listening to Don Gato, Hayden’s current favorite, on repeat on the iPod).

** To be fair to Tom Petty, one of the songs that they played was Peace in L.A. I don’t remember hearing that before, so that does count as new music.

Update: I’ve heard Vampire Weekend a few times on the radio lately, so I take back at least part of what I said above. The Internet is still a much better place to find new music though. For instance, the Internet has recently told me about The Last Shadow Puppets and Future Clouds and Radar and the radio still gives me a bunch of nostalgia.

2 thoughts on “The Nostalgia Machine (or That’s A Lot of Tom Petty)

  1. Tom Petty also played the Super Bowl half time show this year
    (a bit of a yawner compared to Prince’s performance last year)

    Hey you should play some Haydn for Hayden! Classical music for a classy girl.

  2. Don’t forget Journey — I think we hear them at least twice a day. I’ve long since embraced the radio as a nostalgia machine, but I’ve only recently accepted this as a result of how out of touch I am 😦

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