A Theme Park, A Chameleon And Some Bubble Gum

When John Slater posted about collecting photos for his T-Shirt History of Mozilla, I remembered that I had an old Netscape 6 shirt sitting in a box somewhere at home. Netscape was running a contest at the time called the Theme Park and this shirt was promoting the themes that were available then.

Netspace 6 Theme Park Shirt

I have this shirt because I was working with Pete Collins on a point-and-click tool for Netscape that was supposed to make it easy for people to create and package themes. The tool was built as a Netscape extension and unfortunately never was completed (building an application on top of Mozilla in 2000 wasn’t quite as friendly as it is today).

Chameleon screenshot

The project was opened source though and is still available today at chameleon.mozdev.org. If anyone is interested in a graphical tool for Firefox themes, the code is still there and some of it may even be reusable (maybe).

Just one word of warning. If you do get this tool to work, please don’t make a pink and green bubble gum inspired theme. I can tell you that it doesn’t make the most pleasant browsing experience 🙂

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