The Mozilla Foundation and Platform Developers

As part of the recent discussion about the Mozilla Foundation’s future, one theme that has come up is that the Foundation has a role to play filling in gaps and connecting dots between different parts of the community. One of the connections that we would like to help strengthen is the collaboration between Mozilla core developers and developers working on Mozilla-based applications.

The people and organizations that are using Mozilla as a platform are doing innovative things with Mozilla technology and they are also helping to expand the scope and size of the community. The Foundation is interested in making sure that this part of the community, and the community as a whole, is healthy and growing. As an organization, the Foundation can help by organizing, guiding and facilitating — what Matthew Gertner has identified as a diplomatic mission that would make developers’ lives easier (both core developers and developers using the platform).

The Mozilla Foundation is still in the process of bringing on a new executive director and building its capacity so that we are able to take on new activities such as this. For now, we are thinking through how we should be getting involved and we welcome feedback, comments or suggestions from people interested in this topic. If you have ideas about how the Foundation might help, please post them here or on your own blog (if you post on your blog, please add a link on the Mozilla Foundation Futures friendfeed page).

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