Update on www.mozilla.org archiving

It has been a few weeks since I last talked about archiving content on http://www.mozilla.org and I wanted to post an update. We’ve removed a first batch of pages from the site and are still working to make sure that we’re redirecting and migrating any content from this batch that is still in use today. This process is ongoing and we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

We’ve heard that the archiving process has caught some people by surprise, so I want to post information about the content we’re looking at for the next round of archiving. For the following links we’re looking at migrating the developer documentation to MDC and archiving any other content that is out of date and no longer being maintained.

If you have comments, questions or suggestions about what to do with any of this content, please feel free to comment in the relevant bugs. If you are the owner of any of this content, we will be getting in touch with you before making any changes.

9 thoughts on “Update on www.mozilla.org archiving

  1. David, I am so happy that we are doing this. I will try to help as I can. With the exception of Rhino, which I think should stay at Mozilla.org (and have related documentation at MDC) I think the pages slated for archiving are appropriate.

  2. Gen, thanks. Any help with the archiving work is appreciated. For Rhino, hopefully cleaning up and updating the project pages will help get the project some more exposure.

  3. How actively have the project owners been contacted? I’m just asking because it seems like there’s been some friction from the previous moves, and nothing relevant appears to be in mozilla.dev.tech.js-engine.rhino for example. (I haven’t ever looked at rhino, so for all I know the answer is “they are very aware of it”; this is just a confirmation.)

  4. For the Rhino pages, I just started looking at this content today and will contact the Rhino owners this week. For other content, we’ve contacted people directly when we could determine ownership. A lot of the content we’ve archived so far though hasn’t been touched in years and there seemed to be no current owners.

  5. David, I just realized today that while your blog does show up on planet.mozilla.org, all that shows up is your name. Nothing else. No entry titles, no entry text.

    That might be part of the reason why there was some surprise about the archiving…

  6. Boris, I did see an empty entry show up for me recently on planet, although I hadn’t posted anything on my blog then. I’ve seen that happen with a few other people recently too. Maybe it’s a planet bug?

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