More Than 150 Applications Built Using Mozilla Technologies

I’ve been updating the Map of the Mozpad Universe page and noticed that the list now includes 150 applications. Many of these, like BlueGriffon, are new projects that have been announced over the last few months, but many long-time users of Mozilla technology have also been added recently.

This list originally focused on applications that used Gecko or XULRunner code, but there are many other technologies that the Mozilla community creates. I spent some time last week pulling in information about applications that use SpiderMonkey, Rhino and NSS so that this list will be a comprehensive resource for all sorts of Mozilla-based applications.

Although I have no idea how large this list will get, I’m certain that more projects will continue to be added. There are still internal Mozilla-based applications that we suspect are out there and there are also other Mozilla technologies, like XPCOM, that aren’t represented on the list yet.

If you know of any applications that are missing, please feel free to edit the wiki yourself or post information here.

4 thoughts on “More Than 150 Applications Built Using Mozilla Technologies

  1. I think we should just prune projects that aren’t active any more. There’s certainly nothing wrong with keeping a separate list of Mozilla-based applications that aren’t active if we wanted to have that information for historical interest. If you know of any projects that aren’t being list that aren’t active, feel free to remove them or send me a list.

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