Creating A Community Census?

Just to throw in my two cents about the 2010 goals, I think it would be worthwhile to increase our effort to define the scope and the activities of the Mozilla community. This isn’t something that can be finished by 2010 since what the community is doing and who is involved is constantly changing, but it would be helpful to have a better understanding of what is happening.

This is an ongoing activity that people are working on, but there are parts of the community that haven’t been covered closely yet. For instance, we only have a partial view of who is re-using Mozilla technologies. I suspect we have even less visibility into who supports our values but aren’t actively participating on blogs or mailing lists.

Perhaps one concrete thing the Foundation could do by 2010 is create a community census. Having more information about the shape of the community could help us figure out where to devote resources, who to include in decision making and how to structure our own activities to complement what is already being done.

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