Update on the www.mozilla.org site

We had our most recent http://www.mozilla.org planning meeting today and after writing up some notes I realized that it has been a while since I blogged about what’s going on with the site.

Most of my focus recently has been on archiving site content. I’m guessing that we’re roughly a third of the way through, so this is something that we’ll continue working on. Archiving is important but it’s not the sexiest thing in the world to talk about, so I wanted to share some other things that are more interesting:

  • Romanian and Italian versions of the Mozilla Manifesto have just been posted and it looks like we’ll have Spanish, Japanese and French versions posted some time soon as well.
  • A FAQ for the Powered by Mozilla program plus design guidelines for the Powered by Mozilla logo were recently posted. There’s a couple more small pieces left to finish up before we can have the rest of the Powered by Mozilla content on the site.
  • The content in the Projects section has been completely overhauled. I think the before and after comparisons show that it is much easier now finding out what the community is working on. The last two sections of the site that still need to be updated are the Developer and Support pages.

There has been slow but steady progress on the site recently, but I think it is easy to miss it — the home page hasn’t changed a bit in years and it is still easy to find outdated content. One thing that I think will really help emphasize the new changes is giving the site a new look. We are getting ready to start a redesign process and are looking forward to getting the community’s help in making the site even better.

5 thoughts on “Update on the www.mozilla.org site

  1. I see a problem with the Romanian version of the manifesto. Principle nr. 7 reads:

    Softwareul gratuit şi cu sursă liberă promovează dezvoltarea Internetului ca o resursă publică.

    but “gratuit” is the Romanian word for gratis, for free as in beer, and I don’t think that was the intended meaning in the original version of the manifesto.

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