A Mozilla Manifesto Introduction Page

I recently put together a mockup for a new page that can be used as an introduction to the Mozilla Manifesto. One of the reasons for doing this is that there are now a few different translations of the Manifesto available (Italian, Portuguese and Romanian) and we need a way to link to those. The other reason is that it would be nice to have an easy to digest introduction to the full text of the Manifesto for people who are coming across this information for the first time.


A key part of the mockup is the video in the middle of the page. I thought that it would be helpful to have a short piece to watch that explains what the principles of the Manifesto are and why they are important. I’m not aware of a video that already exists that covers this information, so I just grabbed an image of a different video for placement. If you know of a video that exists that would work here, feel free to let me know.


If anyone has any feedback about this, please feel free to post a comment here or respond on bug 465197. If people seem to be happy with this, I’ll go ahead and post the version of this with no video on the site sometime next week.

9 thoughts on “A Mozilla Manifesto Introduction Page

  1. If you add the video, it might be a good idea to provide some more information about Mitchell (or whoever is featured in the video). Not everyone will know, who Mitchell is and why she is the right person to explain. Why not add a link to her Wikipedia page (plays along nicely with the goals of the foundation also) or add some more context: “Watch Mitchell Baker, chair person of the Mozilla foundation, describe…”.

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