Learning More About Mozilla-Based Applications

One of the goals for the Powered by Mozilla logo is to learn more about what people are doing with Mozilla technologies. As the logo starts to get adopted, we’ll find out more about what types of applications are being created and how our code is being extended and improved.

We can learn some information by checking out a company’s web site or installing a new application, but it seems like we could learn a lot more by also doing a survey. I’m sure there are a lot of technical questions that we can ask, but I’m also interested in questions related to community (for instance, are you familiar with the different ways to contribute changes back to Mozilla?).

I’ve started a page that lists a few questions, but I wanted to see what other questions people would want to ask in this survey. If there is something you’d like to find out, please help us create a Powered by Mozilla survey. This is on a wiki page, so feel free to make changes directly (or post suggestions here on this blog if you’d prefer).

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