My wife and daughter (and probably anyone else who I’ve run in to lately) is happy that December is over so that I can now shave. Here’s a quick before and after comparison:



I’ll shave tonight or tomorrow in stages — first down to a fu or mutton chops and then all the way off. More pictures to come if the first phase goes well.

Breaking Facial Hair Related News: So I ended up going with the fu and the mutton chops.


5 thoughts on “NSID

  1. Most of the Professional sharpeners on my team have some sort of beard except for the two women (not going to remark). If you ever want to be a knife sharpener, you will still qualify, although most of them are over 50. Go beards, you can check mine out on our website at edgemasteroforegon.com.
    Thanks for watching the removal process, grow it back.

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