How To Provide Feedback On Designs

The first round of concepts for the redesign are going to be posted this week and I wanted to let people know about the different ways they can provide feedback:

Any thoughts, comments or suggestions are welcome, although we are hoping to get some specific comments about how well these concepts address the high-level goals for the site and the following design challenges:

  • To bring the personality of the Mozilla community back to the site
  • To create a usable and attractive entry point for the whole community that covers a wide range of users and dozens and dozens of community sites
  • To design a layout that will be usable on both desktops and mobile devices

5 Responses to How To Provide Feedback On Designs

  1. Hello,

    Here is an outline proposal for the home.

    Only the carousel is functional at this time (no debug IE for now):

  2. […] The Redesign: Round 1 The following is a guest blog post from Happy Cog that provides some information about each of their initial designs for Please feel free to provide feedback on this blog post, at Thursday’s design lunch or on other places. […]

  3. […] Like a lot of you, I’ve been following the redesign with great interest. Communicating the essence of a multi-faceted entity like Mozilla is never easy, and doing it in the open only adds to the complexity. But, it’s a long-overdue task and I love the way that David, Sam, Mark and Happy Cog have approached it with the site and the wiki and all the different calls for input. […]

  4. larffy says:

    I guess I like uber websites that cover everything.. Or uber websites that will tell you how to get to everything.

    There are now lots of sites that do lots of things and few link to each other..,, spreadfirefox, mozillazine..

    Then some have HUGE sub areas.. and some showcase things and some don’t.. I guess I would have a friendly first screen for people just passing through.. and then have a uber page after it that links to everything and describes what it all is.

    I guess I see having 8 different sites all by the same company more as a sign there is no central person that organizes web pages.. it just sorta gets thrown up and if something else arises then we just create a new URL for it, and then not bother to mention the new stuff on the other pages.

  5. John McGillicuddy says:

    new from google chrome like what I have read, but for the life of me I can’t turn back a page. After trying to find the answer and findding other peolpe have same problem thought I would let you now. Growwing impatient about to unistall browser.

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