My Two Cents

The first round of design concepts were posted yesterday afternoon and we’ve already received a lot of great feedback. Please keep sending in your thoughts. Here are my own two cents about the designs.

Concept #1 was my favorite initially since it felt like it presented information about the community in a very clean and compelling way. Although this design might make the best portal, it doesn’t have the personality or emotion of the other ones. For the next round, I’d be interested in seeing how we could bring over some of the cleanness from here into the other designs.

Concept #2 looks the most like Mozilla to me and the idea of evolving the constructivist style of the original site feels like the right approach. To fully bridge the old and new sites, I’d be interested in seeing a variation of this design that uses a red and orange palette and that also explores how to bring in a star—perhaps as bullets in the list of navigation items?

Concept #3 does some very cool things with engaging people and there are some really exciting Manifesto page ideas included in these designs. That having been said, the design itself feels the least like Mozilla to me. It would be interesting to see how the ideas of interacting with people fit in another design.

Overall all of the designs take up a bit too much space and push too many things below the fold. This seems like just part of the process though as we start out by exploring what’s possible and then work on narrowing down our options and ideas into a final design.

I also have a bunch of nitpicky type things, but wanted to keep my feedback limited to high-level direction. There will be time to figure out where to move things, how to reword text and what fonts to change.

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