Rethinking Content As Well As Design For

One thing that really stood out for me with the first set of concepts for the redesign is that we haven’t been using the site very effectively to tell Mozilla’s story. The current home page just includes links to projects plus links to a few key pages and features some news feeds—there’s not even any text that provides an introduction to the site.

Each of the three concepts includes some ideas about how we could tell our story better. These are just some initial ideas though and we need to figure out what content to include in the finished version of the site. Earlier today we had a call to start going over these ideas and there is a draft proposal below.

If you have suggestions or ideas about this, feel free to add some thoughts here or join us next week on March 26 at 1 pm pacific for a brown bag to review the next set of designs.

Navigation and Home Page Content Draft

Top-Level Navigation

  • Learn About Mozilla
  • Our Community
  • Our Projects
  • Our Mission
  • Get Involved?

Home Page Content

  • Intro area
  • 3 projects (Firefox, Thunderbird and rotating area for SeaMonkey, Bugzilla, Camino, Lightning) — note this is projects not products
  • 3 slots for Foundation?, Mozilla Store and rotating area for various initiatives (accessibility, education, research…)
  • News feed w/3 entries
  • Blog feed w/3 entries?


  • Space for principles / quote / question / call to action
  • Established in 1998 — link to history page?
  • Expanded vertical set of links from top nav like on
  • Copyright and Privacy Policy information
  • Last modified, Document History and Edit this Page links (unless this goes higher up in body of pages)


  • How much content is too much? How much is too little?
  • How should we refer to the various non-coding activities, such as the new education work? Initiatives, Activities, Our Mission?
  • Is “Get Involved” or “Contribute” a good navigation item or should this information be incorporated other ways in each page?
  • Do we need to reserve space on home page for the Mozilla Foundation?
  • Is a news feed and planet feed too much? How else can we show the activity of the community without overwhelming people with information?

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