Feedback On First Round Of Designs

I was happy to see that we received a lot of useful feedback on the first round of design concepts for Although there wasn’t unanimous agreement on everything, it does seem that some themes emerged from the comments. I thought it would be useful to post about this in case I’m missing something obvious or I’m way off-base about something.

High-Level Feedback

Concept #1 — people responded well to how clean it was, but seemed to think it was cold and corporate overall.

Concept #2 — people responded very well to the overall look, but there were some issues with some specific parts such as the 123.

Concept #3 — people responded very well to the interactivity and many people preferred this design although others thought this looked too grungy.

There seemed to be general agreement that the designs were too heavy and pushed too much content below the fold. There were similar concerns about how these designs would look on devices with small screens.

The blue and orange-blue color schemes didn’t feel like Mozilla to many people.

There were some comments that should be a place to download software or be a site focused on developers. It has served both of these purposes in the past and the transition to a new role will probably seem wrong to some.

There seemed to be some confusion about the and sites. Some comments indicated that people didn’t understand the difference betweent the two and other comments were combining the two (Why should we redesign the site when it was just redesigned…).

Comments from l10n community members strongly suggest we don’t put text in images. It is probably worth exploring what is possible with new downloadable font functionality.

Some people mentioned the downside of the interactivity in #3—as a community we are not always able to respond to all of the feedback we get. This is not a reason not to add more interactivity, but we should be selective about it to help us consolidate feedback so there can be a critical mass of discussion and to also make sure we’re not going to overwhelm our ability to engage with people.

Note: I left out some feedback about the details of the designs, such as font choice, since these issues will get worked out in the next rounds after we get the general direction sorted out. For the next round, look for new designs next week.

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