Feedback On Second Round Of Designs

We’ve continued to receive useful feedback on the redesign, so thank you again for helping us with this project. The second round has definitely been a step in the right direction, but comments made online and at the recent brown bag show that some more tweaking needs to be done (if you missed the brown bag, the slides and video are available).


My take on the comments is that we need to focus on two main things for the next round:

  • Make the page lighter—the amount of space taken up by the header is a concern and there is too much content on the home page. We can make sure we get the right information above the fold by tightening the design and moving any non-essential content to a sub-page.
  • Tone down any Communist references—some elements were added to these designs (such as the red stars) to evoke the original design of the site. Although these elements are not intentional references to Communism, they are similar enough to cause concern. We will explore some other ways to keep the connections to the original design.

The thing that struck me the most though was that people seemed more interested in talking about what comes next than talking more about the design. That feels right to me since this redesign is just the first step to making the site a platform to tell Mozilla’s story. There’s more to do so if you are interested in getting involved join us at tomorrow’s site planning meeting.

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