Talking about Mozilla’s public benefit activities

When the new design gets added to the site, we’re also planning on adding a set of pages that talk about Mozilla’s public benefit activities.

I’ve made a basic mockup of a new page as an example of what this could look like. The design and text are not final and we welcome any feedback or suggestions people have about this.


If you’d like to share your thoughts, feel free to comment on this post or:

  • Come by or watch this week’s design lunch on Thursday at 12 pacific
  • Edit or comment on the draft text on the wiki

6 thoughts on “Talking about Mozilla’s public benefit activities

  1. This isn’t directly related to these specific pages, but that left-hand navigation column needs some work when it comes to multi-line items. It’s weird to have it indented/outdented like that.

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  3. While I think the content proposed on the wiki is very good and to the point, some improvements to the arrangement of the individual items on the page could be made. Two things that particularly strike me:
    Why is the Mozilla principle always at the end of the page? Isn’t it the overall goal Mozilla wants to achieve? Shouldn’t it be at the very top of the page?
    Also, why is the video at the end of each section? On the proposed mock-up of the Education page, the video is located right behind the “Getting involved” section. Isn’t it more logical that you first watch the video and then think of ways to get involved? Why not put it behind the priorities and before the Getting involved section.

    Regarding the content of the pages, I’d like to have more detailed information in addition to the general priorities. There could also be links to sites with more background information on the individual topics. One example: Why not put a mash-up of on the Education page?

  4. Patrick, thanks for the feedback.

    For the principles at the bottom of the page, that’s actually a design element for all pages on the site. We wanted a place to keep surfacing parts of the Manifesto without getting in people’s way. On a page like this though, I agree that it makes sense to make that more prominent.

    For the video, we certainly could move that up as well. These mockups aren’t really designed yet, so the placement of elements can change.

    For the content, I like your idea of putting a mash-up on the Education page. Putting a content specific version of the LizardFeeder on these pages is something I’d love to do — make the page an aggregator of everything that’s going on for Education, Accessibility, whatever. I think that’s definitely worth looking into — although it might not happens right away since there would need to be a bit of back-end work to make that happen.

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