Personality Brought Back

The redesign project started three months ago with the goal of bringing personality back to the site. I think that’s exactly what has happened and I wanted to thank everyone who gave us feedback during the process and Happy Cog for refining their design ideas based on the community’s input.

Round 1 design
Round 1 design

The responses we’ve received about the third round of designs have shown that some tweaking is still needed, but overall people are saying that the look of the site is right for our community. I definitely agree—the new design feels like Mozilla to me.

Round 2 design
Round 2 design

Considering this, we’re wrapping up the design phase and are now working on updating the site with the new look. If you have experience with HTML, CSS, PHP or general web site stuff, we’d love your help (post here if you’d like to help and I’ll get in touch).

Final design
Final design

Looking back, it’s really validating to see how well the open design process worked. Getting ongoing feedback from people who care about and use the site resulted in a better design than a more traditional process would have. I’m very curious to watch other sites outside of the Mozilla community be designed in this way to see how this works in other situations.

9 thoughts on “Personality Brought Back

  1. Awesome work – kudos to all involved! Like you said, this is a great example of how openness and participation can really help the design process (when it’s managed well, of course). Hope to see more of this in the future, for sure.

  2. I like the overall feel and see that there is a personality. As i mentioned in person the other day, I’m drawn to a statement that “We’re building . . .” an internet that is open, …” instead of “we believe.” The “we believe” idea is certainly true, but a key aspect of Mozilla is that we are able to do things, to build things — software, communities, etc. — that make the beliefs concrete and demonstrates why they are important.

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