WILCO (the post)

I listened to the new Wilco album yesterday and the 70’s era George Harrison-y bits stood out to me (that’s not a bad thing since All Things Must Pass is the best former Beatle album ever).

It seemed like a solid set of songs, but I’ll need to listen to it a few more times to get a better feel for things—it’s hard to tell what’s going to stay with you the first time you hear something. A Ghost Is Born didn’t do much for me at first, but it’s my favorite Wilco album now.

Although I didn’t want the physical CD (I stopped buying CDs since I was just sticking them in a box in my basement) I pre-ordered it to support them. If they’re already giving away their music for free, I’d like to option to donate to them instead of having to buy something I don’t really need or want.

BTW, have I mentioned I’m sick that I’m going to miss their show in Berkeley in June? Speaking of supporting the band, I’ll buy a new t-shirt I don’t really need if they come back here again later this year.

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