Meditating On The Future Of The Mozilla Store

I’ve been spending some time helping with the Mozilla Store. It has been rewarding to work on making a wider range of community items available, but I’ve noticed that there are some issues with the store that go beyond adding one new shirt or other item.

Clint, Nicole and David thinking deep thoughts about the store.  Photo by David Rolnitzky
Clint, Nicole and David thinking deep thoughts about the store. Photo by David Rolnitzky

I’m interested in getting feedback about what we could be doing to make the store better and to find out what people like or don’t like about the current store. If you have thoughts, please comment (be honest—we know there’s room for improvement).

There are concrete things we can do to make the existing store better but it is worth thinking about some blue sky options too. For example, can we look at the vibrant community around Threadless and learn lessons that could build on how we’re engaging people on the Mozilla Community Store?

Note: Although I’m referring to the Mozilla store, there are three stores—one in the United States, one in the UK and a community store that features art posted by community members. One thing we could do to improve things is to clarify the roles of these different stores and make them feel more connected.

8 thoughts on “Meditating On The Future Of The Mozilla Store

  1. Definitely ‘more vibrant participant community’ is the top priority. I think we are getting there with the community store, but could go further with more campaigns and excitement.

    Also, it’s critical that we provide good service and pricing in more parts of the world. All of Europe. Asia. Latin America. People have pinged us on this, and all the options seem hard. There has got to be a good way to do this.

    Finally, we should be looking at more seamless user experience. The different stores are a bit confusing. In these days of mashups, there must be a way to make all this stuff feel more consistent.

  2. My concern is mainly operational. People on my team have had issues with our current vendor sending promised merchandise, missing ship dates, and sending product internationally. We could also use a bigger selection.

  3. +1 on getting more interesting merchandise, the current stuff isn’t too appealing β€” no offense, it more has to do with the fact that I have enough t-shirts already, and would like more jackets etc.

    There’s also the confusion in branding between Mozilla and Firefox, a lot of the items that say Mozilla would have been more appealing if they promoted Firefox instead.

    Finally, I just made a purchase in the store, and when checking out, you have to create a new account (which is a barrier) β€” but after creating the account, it doesn’t send you back to the checkout process, and you have to trigger this manually again. This flow could be a lot better.

    As a non-profit, Mozilla Foundation should also sign up with Google Checkout for payment, that way people don’t have to create an account just to buy something. PayPal support would be cool too, but at least one of them β€” and I happen to be partial to Checkout. πŸ™‚

  4. Oh, two more issues:

    – It asks you for your credit card info before you can apply gift cards / coupons, which makes you uncertain whether they will charge your credit card at that point.

    – The printable page at the end of the transaction should use print CSS to hide the navigation and sidebar.

    Maybe I should just figure out where to file usability bugs instead. Happy to sit down with you guys to identify more issues if you’re interested.

  5. I would be very happy if we will do a separation between the online store (which is operated by Mozilla) and the companies who produce the products. This will allow us to cut the prices of international shipments and produce high-quality shirts by local companies, which will at the end make it a lot cheaper to the customer.

    Currently, if I will order a shirt from the international store, I would have to pay for more than two shirts because of the high shipment rates.

  6. Have to agree with Mark on the International side – the shipping often costs more than the t-shirt itself, and for those poor folks in Russia or other CEE countries – the shippers will often refuse to ship there.

    A mash up between the Mozilla Store/s and the Community Store feels right. Plus making stock which is available in the US, available elsewhere – I have have enquiries from people who have seen a t-shirt on the US store site, but can buy it as its not on the Int. store. All equals frustration.

    Lastly, I’ve also experienced vendors issues over the past quarter.

  7. The international issue is one we really need to think hard about, and another is that I think it would be great to have a single access point to stores for all things Mozilla – from a Firefox 3.5 T-Shirt via a shopping bag to a SeaMonkey coffee mug, ideally all with affordable shipping options for the vast majority of our community.

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