Crowdsourcing My Next Beard Style

I’m not sure what to do next with my beard, so I figured I’d consult the wisdom of crowds* for help. Post beard style suggestions here and if there’s not a clear winner I’ll do a poll and we’ll vote on the top choices**.


If you would like some inspiration, Wikipedia has information about beard style options (I found out that I’ve been wearing Friendly Mutton Chops lately). Maybe you’ll want to suggest a Hollywoodian, Reed or a Donegal?

* The Mozilla community is a particularly good crowd to consult since facial hair innovation is a collective core competency.

** I’ll shave the winning style as long as it is not a neck beard.

17 thoughts on “Crowdsourcing My Next Beard Style

  1. I’m a fan of the Doc Holiday look, so I recommend the handlebar and chinpuff. One problem…it looks like you’ve eliminated the chinpuff.

    Consider mastering a ‘stache for a piece. It sends a signal to facial hair wanna-bes — moxy!

    1. Beards of Python is very cool. I guess it’s not just Mozilla that has facial hair innovation as a collective core competency 🙂

  2. I, myself, have done the Zappa (unbeknownst to me). I had it longer though, down the full length of the chin. It looked good. And you could probably pull in off even better, because you appear to have more thickly-growing hair than I do.

    1. Well, actually, it was more of a modified Zappa. It had influences from Serj Tankian and Egyption pharoahs, as well. It also had less emphasis on the moustache, so it was T-shaped facial hair. Sans serif.

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