Four Travel Questions

Asa recently posted answers to four travel questions on his blog. Here’s my list of the most interesting things I’ve seen in each of the categories he listed.

Architecture/Building: Pantheon (I like Roman stuff)
Natural Wonder: Aurora Borealis (barely seen in Iceland)
Work of Art: Peace Fountain (that’s my photo in the article)
Animal: Reef shark (seen in Fiji on a dive)

2 thoughts on “Four Travel Questions

  1. Hey, I have some great pics of the Peace Fountain I’ve taken over the past few weeks also. The 20’+ tall statue of Michael in the fountain is inspiring.
    The animals on the ring around the fountain are great, too 😉

  2. Cool. Will check your photos out. The animals around the ring are really interesting. Not sure if any one photo can capture the weirdness of the thing…

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