I Am The Benevolent Dictator Of My Face

About a week ago, I asked for help choosing my next beard style. Unfortunately the most frequent suggestions were not practical and would take a long time to grow in.

So instead, I’m going with something that no one suggested—a horseshoe moustache. I had thought this beard style was a fu manchu but learned I was wrong (this really has been a voyage of discovery).


Now some may say that I’m going back on my promise, but I think this highlights an important point about open source communities—they are not democracies. I have taken everyone’s input into consideration, but ultimately I’m the benevolent dictator of my face and have made a tough call.

11 thoughts on “I Am The Benevolent Dictator Of My Face

    1. That’s a fair question. It’s a tunnel for our kids (and next to our living room). I’ve been known to get in it too though.

  1. The next time, please consider the style Tobias Beecher (a character in the TV series Oz if you didn’t know) rocked when he was all crazy and stuff in season 2. A western-y combination of pointy sideburns and a chin-ish goatee, or something. It’s patently awesome.

    1. Sleeveface is awesome. Now I see the downside of the digital download revolution. I’m missing out on so many Sleeveface possibilities…

    1. I could have said that the horseshoe was a temporary step to the community suggestion of having a handlebar moustache (and it is true that the horseshoe could be a cocoon for the butterfly that is the handlebar).

      I felt that I should be honest though since I don’t know what’s next. I can understand people’s feeling of betrayal, but hopefully people respect the honesty.

      1. As Mark Twain once said, “When in doubt, tell the truth.” I support the openness

        Also, I encourage you to take the horseshoe from pupa stage to adulthood. What is more adult than a handlebar mustache? Let the butterfly take flight!

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