I Should Have Planted Another One

I recently cleared some space in our backyard and have been planting strawberries. We’ve done this in batches and after the last batch I noticed that we had thirteen little strawberry plants. For a minute, I half-seriously thought of going to get one more plant to avoid any possible bad luck, but didn’t think any more about it.


A couple of weeks later, I’m looking at our backyard through the kitchen window and things looked a little different. An enormous branch had fallen off of a tree and had fallen on the space with all the strawberries (plus the space with the carrots and melons I had also recently planted). You can see one little strawberry poking out near the bottom of the picture below.


It certainly feels like this was directed at me, since the pear tree and blackberries that were here when we moved in, and that are right next to the strawberries, were just outside of the reach of the branch. Next time I won’t question anything—I’ll just turn around, go back to the nursery, and buy another plant.

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