Someone Liked Their Plums


The house we’re renting has a great backyard that’s full of different things to eat, such as asian pears and blackberries. There are also plums, but I hadn’t paid much attention to those since I’m not a huge plum fan.

Now that we’ve been here a while and I’m more familiar with the backyard, I’ve noticed three different types of plums (from what I can tell they are mirabelles, damsons and cherry plums). There are a few cherry and damson plums out now and literally a bazillion mirabelles everywhere.


Someone who lived here sometime before us must have really liked plums and planted a bunch of trees. I guess this is a good opportunity for me to learn to enjoy something new.

I can use them in pies, tarts, smoothies, cookies, sandwiches, lemonade, mixed drinks and anything else we happen to be eating or drinking over the next several weeks — did I mention that there were literally a bazillion of these plums on the trees and all over the ground?

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