staging site (now 80% less broken!)

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been addressing issues with the staging site. We’re getting close to wrapping things up, but we wanted to post one more call for testing before going live (currently scheduled for August 25).


When we initially asked for help testing, much of the front-end was broken because our focus had been on back-end changes. At this point, there are some known issues remaining, but a lot of bugs have been fixed and the site is much more polished than before.

If you have a chance to look at the staging site and you notice any problems, please feel free to post a comment here and let us know.

14 thoughts on “ staging site (now 80% less broken!)

  1. I don’t know if this is intended, but i can scroll horizontally on the main front page. There is no scroll bar though. I am on a 13″ Macbook (1280×800) running Firefox 3.5.2. I tested in safari and it does not have the extra horizontal space.

  2. On the front page:

    Still way too much capital letters for my taste, it doesn’t fit the lovely serif. “We believe that the internet should be public” doesn’t fit with “READ MORE ABOUT THE MOZILLA COMMUNITY’S VALUES” and “GET INVOLVED LEARN HOW YOU CAN HELP” etc.

    The appearance of the various calls to action (MORE, VIEW ALL, VIEW MORE) should be ruthlessly consistent, the fonts still seem slightly different.

    Google “Change the Color of Visited Links (Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox)”!

    In Firefox nightly, one or two thin lines appears on the background at certain font sizes (doesn’t happen in Konqueror).

    The rounded corners inside “Our Projects” showcase are only visible on the left side. I thought this was a hint there were two more panels to view, and they would vanish on 2/3 and reappear on the right in 3/3 (which would have been awesome).

    If you shrink small enough, the Our Projects gray box turns out to extend all the way to the right above and past “Community Ticker”; this happens sooner in Konqueror.

    I’m not sure about the red bar and wispy red verticals lines on the end of “Community Ticker”, it seems the TOCs on other pages don’t use it.

    Drop the horizontal rule between the heading and first item in “Latest news from Mozilla” and “Community Ticker”.

    The black box at the bottom extends too long, it should end shortly after “Contact Us”.

  3. Other pages:
    Looks like H3 and DT elements are still made all caps, which isn’t what the people who wrote these pages intended or want.

    UL bullet List Items are still indented too much.

    If you narrow the page the lizard’s nose in the black footer is eaten!

    Featured Projects:
    Still has the bulleted list layout of icons; it would be nice if it used the attractive layout of the “Our Projects” box on the home page.

    1. skierpage, thanks for all of the feedback. I think your comments are valid, but they aren’t necessarily bugs since they’re part of the design.

      Once the new site is up, it’s probably worth revisiting the overall design in a few months to polish and tweak things like you mention.

      Or to put it another way, I don’t think it’s worth delaying the relaunch longer to tweak the ALL CAPS styling issues, but we can certainly deal with that after the relaunch.

  4. Here I go again! 🙂

    First and foremost: this is a great improvement! I guess there are a bunch of things to deal with post-launch and, probably, some things I point out will fall into that category.

    1. The h2 on e.g. “Mozilla Roles and Leadership” and “Mozilla Organizations” have different bottom margin (or so it seems).

    2. On “Mozilla Roles and Leadership” the paragraphs below the lead are indented, which look weird.

    3. The “Support for Mozilla Software” is narrower than the other pages.

    4. The TOC boxes look much better now, but I think the padding is too big. There is padding on both the li tags and the a tags. I think it would look nicer, especially for “selected” li tags, if the whole li background was blue, i.e. the padding on the li tags were dropped and the padding on the a tags increased (if needed). Further, some TOC items strech over three rows, which seem a bit unnecessary.

    5. From the “Mozilla Community” page, the link to “Official Developer Forums” completely replaces the TOC box. Also the main menu “Our community” is not highlighted on that page.

    6. On Mirroring, the bread crumbs are broken.

    Otherwise, I think it’s coming along great!

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